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-- I'm making gravy without the lumps, Baby!
[The Evil Midnight Bomber - from The Tick]

poohya - if I'm not around, it's cause I'm probably too rumbly in my tumbly...Send me some mail and we'll make a cu-seeme date.

I'm a graduate student, going to do a bit of Computer Science (via my guerrilla programming) with quite possibly a pinch of Cognitive Science here at Indiana University...hopefully, my interests aren't for naught.

I had always put off making my page until I found Walt's page. After I picked myself up off the floor from laughing, I knew I had to make my page - just so I could have a pointer to his page.

There is one link I definitely need (not that I've got the fever, but you better check your kids for it...) - a link to that pressure cooker of a city, Las Vegas! One time I was there, I was with a vegetarian who danced with the dark side and took down a plate full of bacon at the Flamingo - what can I say - Vegas is the true window to your soul. Was there for labor day weekend to try and recover from our screening exam - Ian brought his daughter Zoë. Though only 5, Zoë was still able to grasp some of the essence of Vegas - "It feels like it should be tomorrow already." I've thought that so many times there myself.

iRodman Here's my brother, Marco, who's doing his thing at Stanford. He's got a bunch of 'entertainment' links too - but he's missing this link to one of The Box's most popular videos (warning - the link is not intended for those with weak hearts or small drives). He does have a Duckman pointer though, which more than makes up for his minor oversight. I miss Duckman (and the USA channel).

Come to think of it, I miss San Diego too (we had the USA channel there...) and the sun and the beach and the mountains and all that other good stuff (24 hour burrito stands with NBA Jam TE for 50 cents a game) plus, my old research group (dead link - I don't know where they went...). Not that I'm bored here, since Indiana is the basketball state, but, well, Homer sums up my average day.

You'd think that the cold weather here would make for some good snowboarding...if you looked past the lack of mountains. I was k2 snowboards! fortunate enough to be able to partake in what seems to be an Indiana/Kentucky pastime - Paoli Peaks - a 300 foot high hill of ice. Strangest thing about it - the parking lot is at the top of the lifts... Quite an adventure when they blow their man-made slush at you. Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and California have to watch out for this up and coming resort - keep an eye on ESPN for more details. I'm sure sooner or later someone will tell them about this little paradise in Indiana...

Cards are bound to break me, but I ain't busted yet,
Cause I've been called a natural lover by that lady over there.
Honey, I'm just a natural gambler, but I try to do my share.
Go down gamblin', say it when you're running low...
[Blood, Sweat and Tears]
Go Apple! Go Lakers! who are you?