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Like last time, I don't feel comfortable starting it off...

There was this deaf fellow. His ego forced him to believe that he was perfectly normal. As a child I learnt it to be rude to call a blind fellow blind; a crippled man cripple; a short guy short...and so on. But I never lived by my lessons, "You @#$% blindo! why the @@#%$ can't you stay indoors and let others drive at their regular pace; once without braking!!!"

Anyways, to make matter worse, a deaf friend found another deaf. It was like brother-thing. Now since they were travelling by a bus, they had to shout at each other and just make a conversation so that people wouldn't notice theeir impairity.

Jack: "Hey! Joe great game last night. Are you going to the market??"

Joe: "I preferred the pigs. No I'm going to the market!"

Jack: "Oh doesn't matter, I just thought you were going to the market. I wnated something."

and well what more do I say. But then in middle of the desert, there were a number of....
[ kaushik rajnikant mody ]

Doctor Kawani was impressed. The little monkey _was_ able to punch out a semi-understandable story. There was plenty left to be desired, but still, the mind control research was doing alright. It seemed that the driver was jumping from thoughts too quickly and the monkey lost some of the concepts somewhere - or maybe the thoughts were not being translated as well as it might seem. He'd have to check with Carol. He looked over at the young co-ed strapped into her seat. Doctor Kawani smiled at how willing she was to do anything to further the cause of literature on this planet. Convincing her that she could mind-meld with a monkey at some abstract levels was the easy part - why she needed to be in a bikini while doing it was the difficult part.
[ cristobal baray ]

Crouched, the monkey swayed excitedly, shifting her weight from limb to limb. It was almost to perfect. The naked headed one they called Kawani would serve nicely as a...what was the word...tool, yes. Grounding thoughts into a trite concreteness was a trying task, but Kongee reminded herself that it would have its rewards. The littler one once spoke of someone saying 'convictions are more dangerous foes of truth than lies'...who was that...Nietz...? Kongee heaved a heavy sigh, eliciting the attentions of both Dr. Kawani and Carol. All to often Dr. Kawani had slashed the comments of Carol with his heavy sworded tongue, "save that for your uneducated friends" he'd hiss, leaving Kongee with an incomplete assortment of thoughts. Kongee smirked, yes, it would definitely be easier to handle the bald one. Who else is easier to manipulate then the one who believes that they are the manipulator.

Carol cooed. "Oh look, she's smiling."
[ Catherine Kim ]

Suddenly the door swung open flooding the once dark and dank laboratory with rays of sunlight. The Doctor, Carol, and the hairy beast they called Kongee covered their eyes with their forearms. A silloutte of a man stood in the doorway. He tipped his fedora towards the little lady, and pulled his trusty roscoe on an already squawking Kawani.

"Close your yap, bo, or I squirt metal! I'm gonna give you the goings over once so listen closely, cue ball." The man wearing the fedora got in close to Kawani, not worried the dame would cause any troubles."It's simple, Kojak. Your gonna give me the key to the cage your friend is in...and I'm gonna walk outta here with the monkey,free as a bird."

Kawani shook his head still looking startled from the fedora man's entrance. "Ok chief, but I just wanna know one thing....who the HELL are you?"

The fedora man snatched the key from Kawani, walked by the lady sticking his tongue out and wiggling it around, opened the cage and grabbed Kongee by the hand.

Carol squirmed,"What are you....a lizzzzard or something."

"Nope, just a square G trying to make a few century-notes."

Fedora man marched off through the door tossing a card in Kawani's general direction. It read:

James Spencer Wolcott, SPCA

A little picture of tweety bird plastered the right corner of the card.


Wolcott hit the Paradise Arms with monkey in hand. Knocked back a couple rounds of the hooch and thought sleepy-eyed about the grift. He knew the gorilla was worth a lot of marbles. The question was how many? 5 yards, 8 yards, maybe a G? Wolcott knew if he played his cards right, he'd be sittin' pretty. On the other hand, Kawani was a hot-head, and he knew the mug would be carrying a lot a heat from the recent tradeoff. Wolcott hoped the doctor would get a little lovin' from the twist to calm his senses for the time being. Wolcott knew who REALLY held the slug with his name on was Kawani's moll, Carol.
[ Walter Yang ]

Carol was in shock from the experience and found her comfort in Kawani's arms. He rubbed her smooth back and told her things would be alright as he breathed in the fragrance from her hair. "We can always get another monkey."

Carol tried to push away from him, but he held her tightly. She looked up at him, the tension still in both their arms. "We need to get Kongee back - things won't be the same with any other monkey. We weren't doing anyting wrong, and more than that, we can't let that chump who think's he's in a cheap 50's gumshoe movie push us around. It's time for the firm hand of justice to make a fist."

Her statement ended with a kiss that sparked an urgency between the two of them. Yes, they would get Kongee back...soon.
[ cristobal baray ]

...Or at least a resonable facsimile thereof, for as they kissed, Dr. Kawani realized that this whole experiment was a charade. it was merely a vehicle to exploit one of the many young and impressionable co-eds that surrounded him day in, day out, every week of every miserable and lonely month for as long as could stand to remember. As their lips parted, the Dr. could smell her lipstick on his face and he couldn't help but think, "I am a middle-aged, out of shape bald science professor and I've just kissed and am inches away from a half naked beautiful girl whose idea of a classic movie is Star Wars." He hadn't been this close to a woman, no less one in a bikini, in, well, ever. "I've gotta go to the bathrrom" Kawani said hurridly. "Got to find another monkey. GOT to." he thought as he hustled to the lavoratory. " Jesus Christ! I can't beleive I kissed a bald middle-aged science professor!" thought Carol.


Wolcott stared bleary eyed at the bastard standing in front of him in the bathroom of the Paradise Arms. Every time he tried to go around him to get back to the bar, this stranger would counter it and block his path. "What's with this yegg?" thought Wolcott," Why's he trying to pick a tussle with me? He's a snappy dresser I'll give him that, but if he doesn't get out of my way I'm gonna give him the what's who."

"Hey you drunk bastard" someone yelled from the urinal. That's a goddam mirror! The door's to your left!"

"Yup. That's me allright" thought Wolcott after careful inspection, "but who the hell does this guy think he is calling ME a bastard??"

Becoming suddenly enraged, partially because he was having trouble keeping his balance, he reached for his trusty piece with the intention of blowing the smart ass, rat bastard's dick off. But to his puzzlement, it wasn't there.

"Lucky fer yous, I cand fine mine gun, but...youb bedder ...chout.. cause...yup." he mumbled towards the guy in the urinal.

Wolcott stumbled his way back to the bar and sat on his fedora which he put on his stool so he'd remember where he was sitting.

"Bar keep! I'llsh hab nother!"

"You'll have nothing and get the hell out already. I told you no money no sauce." retorted the bartender.

"Right o'right. Whersh my gun?"

"You traded it to me for two shots of whisky about an hour ago." Wolcott immediately wished he had his gun back so he could get another two shots of booze.

"Kay, kay. Whersh monkey?" he said as he fumbled around with his eyes peeled to the floor.

"You lent it to that hooker right after you had your two whiskies you numb nut!, now GET THE FUCK OUT!" bellowed the bartender.

Wolcott knew this was bad, but he wasn't quite sure why. All he knew was that he could use a drink and he sure wasn't going to get it here. He donned on his crumpled fedora and blew kisses to the bartender and the only two other people in the bar as he stumbled out the door.

"If that guy were any dumber he'd be Gomer Pyle" muttered the bartender as he polished a glass.

[ John Kim ]

No amount of liquor was able to wash the latexed pheremones of Carol off his tongue. His mind spinning, all that inhabited his head were primitive thoughts of circling Carol. Wolcott tripped over his scuffed, wingtipped shoes. His face meeting the pavement, inhaling the grease. And there lay Wolcott, amongst petroleum rainbows, choking on his lost pot of gold.

In an apartment not far off, heavily overpowered by dirty red velvet and mismatched stains, Kongee sat. The smells of the room were heavy, paralyzing complete thoughts with an exacting incision to the brain.

"ooh, hiya cutie...hi...whatcha lookin at huh? whatcha lookin are a cutie, yes you are! yes you are!"

Her voice was a good hundred hertz higher, and always rising, then what Kongee could stand. A similar form to Carol, but somewhat more clothed, this human lacked the articulation of her former subjects. The empty slurred phrases which this humans seemed only capable of sharing worried Kongee. Heavy blue markings dressed dilated eyes and blood red streaks framed yellowed teeth...and the fire which she inhaled...Kongee was sure she had fallen into savage territory.


The professor had a strangely appealing muskiness, perhaps it was from all the animals which he worked with, but Carol found herself drawn to the portly, soft-bellied professor. And perhaps it was the excitement of the moment which froze all bodily sensations, or just her body savoring the richness of senses, she still felt those soft padded hands warming her back. The professor emerged from the bathroom, his jaw set, his lips pursed. Carol choked down a laugh which erupted...he did have his charms.

"I have seen that fellow before...Wolcott. I'm sure if we just track that impetuous bastard down, well..." The professor was breathing hard, partly feigning his anger while carefully monitoring the reactions of Carol. He reached out to Carol to emphasize the unity of their mission, but Carol was busy slipping into her jeans.
[ catherine kim ]

I was tired and still drunk off the fumes from last night's little binge. But I knew one thing, I couldn't stop for some shut eye just yet. There was too much to be done.

A clean shave and a hot shower kept the lids from rollin'. I placed a coupl'a fingers of the giggle juice steadily into my gut, and burned some tobacco pondering my next move. One thing was for sure, no prostie was gonna flimflamm me out of my piece of the pie. No sireee!


First destination... Rico's Ranchhouse. A cosy little shack on the outskirts of town. The insides held nothing but a few tables, a bar, and one R-type II video game. The floor was covered in saw dust... mostly for practical reasons. Often a spill or two of puke hit the floor on a given night, and the saw dust helped extinguish the odor as well as the sticky aftermath. And most importantly, there was the stage for the girls to entertain. They weren't the type of girls you'd take home to your dear ol'mum. Nonetheless, I wasn't looking for a date to the church picnic.

Rico's wasn't usually too lively around 4 in the PM. The clientele at this particular time of day were mostly saps taking advantage of a free pile of E.Coli infested cheeseburgers and dollar shots of bourbon.

The first thing I noticed walking through the doors was a dour-looking Kawani stuffing his face with cheeseburgers while playing the R-type game. I felt comfortable the Doctor wouldn't try anything minus the dame so I mosied on over. I waited for his last ship to croak and pulled out a quarter.

"Mind if I join you?"

Kawani looked a bit surprised, but I could tell he was more concerned with something else. The else was a leggy blond by the name of Carol. He was dizzy alright... dizzied by a dame.

"Sure. I thought you'd have left town with the chimp by now?"

I told him what happened at the Paradise Arms and he shrugged. "Dames... they'll get ya one way or another."

I acknowledged the comment with a nod of the head. We played the game silently for awhile. More like I played and he watched. Got past the treacherous third stage of R-type where these two ships crowd you leaving your ship little room to manuever. After that I could tell Kawani was losing interest in the game so I killed off the rest of my ships, and with the joystick I scrolled in "JSW" below the other "JSW"'s on the winner's list.

"Sorry Doc. I'd like to play more, but I'm here on business."

I left him playing another round, and head over to the man sitting over at the bar. He was of average build with broad shoulders and a noticeably large head. I patted him on the back and slipped into the stool beside him.

"Hey, hey....Rico. How are things?"

"Pretty good... What brings a shamus like yourself into a respectable establishment like this? Last time you were here, I practically dragged your ass out of here on your belly 'cause you sucked down so much sauce."

"Well, today is your lucky day. I'm here on business. I'm looking for one of your girls... she's got my chimp."

"I dunno anythinnn..." I grabbed Rico by the pipes and shoved a shiv slightly in his left nostril.

"No time for games. I gotta talk with the girl."

"Okay already."

Rico lead me to a back room where the dame he called Chazula stood up to greet me. She looked a lot better than I had remembered. The skirt was hittin' all eight that's for sure. She had the monkey, she had me crawlin back on my hands and knees, and she had Rico in her palms.

She pretended not to recognize me, but she knew me alright. "How can I help you, sir?"

"For starters you can tell your friend here with the plump noodle to dangle."

Rico clenched his fists, but before he could get wise Chazula spoke up. "Rico leave us. I can handle it." She had him alright. Then she turned to me coldly, "I don't think I can give you whatever it is you want, mister."

"Enough with the Prostie the Snowman bidness. Where's the chimp?" I felt around in my coat for iron. This one wasn't gonna be easy.
[ walter yang ]

Two hundred miles away, a humming cigar shaped metallic object splashed down into the salty waves of mono lake.

Simultaneously, in the disco red velvet interior of Rico's Ranchhouse, Wolcott felt a churning in his stomach and a throbbing pain in his skull. They had arrived... like some bad X-files rerun.

Only five days earlier Walcott, in a moment of desperation, had undergone regression hyponotherapy and a full physical evaluation. Since then, memories of vicious experiments began to seep into his consciousness. Perhaps even more disturbing was the fact that Walcott had awoken from his hypnotic state in a puddle of drool only to find chunks of his former therapist strewn throughout the room.

Wolcott had been found wandering through the mojave desert ten years earlier with radiation burns and a headache that would intensify whenever he walked near radio antennas. Although Wolcott had no memory of it, he had been a promising young airforce pilot in the 50's. In a bizarre turn of events, his U-2 spyplane dissapeared over the soviet union, presumed shot down. In fact, on that april day, twenty thousand miles above Minsk, Wolcott would begin a regimen of alien testing that few humans could survive.

Contrary to the common perception of aliens as teardrop eyed, large headed freaks, Wolcott had been abducted by an extremely sophisticated race of monkeys. Horrified by their brothers subjugation on the Earth, they had begun assembling a ruthless death squad with the dual mission of liberating monkeys and exacting sinister punishment on the Kah-wah (monkey torturers).

Walcott was now a sophisticated killing machine, and he had just been activated.
[ Max N ]

2000 miles away from the location where Walcot was programmed to be what later came to be recognized as ultimate killing machine, life was very peaceful. Nobody sensed anything unusual in the air. Like last 4 days of the week, the sun rose at 5:37 am. The rays began to crack the chill of an early morning. The droplets that had a cozy night within the folds of flowers were slowly disintigrating.

Stephanie enjoyed running in the garden early in the morning. She was doing this since her 4th birthday 10 months ago. After few short sprints, she would quench her thirst with big dews sitting on large leaves. She curiously watched smaller droplets disintigrate into vapor, unaware of a powerful force of destruction moving towards this serene town of hers.
[ kaushik rajnikant mody ]

Chapter Two

Soft guilty laughter echoed down the empty halls of the lab, from behind a half opened door, from just beyond a carelessly overturned desk chair.

"Carol," the doctor breathed through smiling lips, "I've never seen a girl glow like this before." Cheeks rosied from drinks at Paradise Arms, her face warmed by the faint light from the monkey's empty cage, Carol did indeed seem to glow. She stood leaning against a wall of MRI scans and charts of exponential IQ growth, with Kawani's arms caging her in. She eyed the doctor's cute belly and looked back into his eyes with a mischievous smile.

"Your mind makes me glow," she shrugged, rolling here eyes at all of the statistics behind her.

But at that moment something caught her eye. It wasnít anything surprising or disturbing or something that would change the world. In fact, for the moment, it was just the opposite.

She cooed, "You even taught Kongee how to do math, you are so smart." The doctor laughed.

"Donít flatter me."

A neuron shifted in Carolís mind. "You did teach them math didnít you?"

"Carol." The doctor, still a bit dizzy, continued without thinking. "This has all been a sham, you know. I have no idea how that monkey learned to type, let alone do math. This was all for you, honey."

Time freezes. Somewhere in the drunken swirl of Carolís thoughts images start to flash in front of her. The equations scraped into the side of the monkeyís cage, High-Score JSW, stark letters "There was this deaf fellow. His ego forced him to believe that he was perfectly normal." Something was terribly wrong.

"Carol, are you ok?" Carol wasnít glowing. Carol was pale. And she was staring blankly through the skull of Dr. Kawani. "Carol?"

Carol blinked. She was caged by some manís arms. She ducked, pushed off from the wall, bounded over the carcass of a chair, and sprinted down the evacuated hallways. She knew she had a mission, but she did not know quite what. All she knew was that it had to do with a monkey, and the letters: JSW.

[ J Marsh ]