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the model-view-controller (MVC) design pattern

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MVC pointers

Here are some other references I found useful -

I find this patterns book easier to read and digest than the more often mentioned Gang of Four's. Though I haven't bought it yet, I'm sure I will one day, when I get tired of reading it in the bookstore.

Head First
This might be a better read. Depends on your style. They've got a different approach to teaching - very user/reader friendly - not your typical tech book. But maybe it should be? A real good group that I hope continues to develop more books with their style. They have a pretty cool blog too.

Implementing the Model View Controller Paradigm
He's a teacher that's put together some coding samples. His example has two different views, but I'm not sure why he has put each view in it's own thread - the threads immediately exit. Still, there are some useful things at his site.

Taligent's Model View Presenter
This is a more extensive pattern, putting some meat on the MVC pattern. I haven't gone about implementing it yet, but reading the paper has helped me in my design efforts. There's another paper on a small talk version of it.

introadvantagesexample appmodelscontrollersviewstodoshere