Publications : Cristobal Baray

Publications and Presentations

Genetic Algorithms as Virtual User Managers. In the Proceedings of the third international conference on Software Engineering and Applications 1999; presented in Scottsdale, AZ, October 1999

Distributing a genetic algorithm. In the Proceedings of Parallel and Distributed Computing and Networks 1998; presented in Brisbane, Australia, December 1998

Effects of population size upon emergent group behaviour. In Complex Systems '98; presented in Sydney, Australia, November 1998.

Effects of individual decision schemes on group behavior. A poster presentation in the Proceedings of the International Conference on Multi-Agent Systems; Paris, France, July 1998.

Evolving cooperation via communication in homogeneous multi-agent systems. In the Proceedings of Intelligent Information Systems, pgs. 204-208, Los Alamitos, CA : IEEE Computer Society; presented in Freeport, Bahamas, December 1997.

Coordination via evolved communication schemes. Presented at Intelligent Systems and Semiotics; Gaithersburg, MD, September 1997.

On evolving communication in multiple agent systems. Technical Report 474, Department of Computer Science, Indiana University; January 1997.

Evolving communication in multi-agent systems. Presented at workshop on "Animal Societies as a Metaphor for Distributed Artificial Intelligence" at the Second International Conference on Multi-Agent Systems; Kyoto, Japan, December 1996.